Cincoro Tequila Extra Añejo 750mL


Deep copper in color from the additional time in barrel, cooked agave, with toasted oak and dried fruits on the nose. Elegant on the palate with notes of wood, raisin, fig, light coffee, dark chocolate. Exceptionally long finish, with lingering notes of cooked agave and cocoa.

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Cincoro Extra Añejo is aged at their distillery 40-44 months in our underground Cava, far longer than required for Extra Añejo tequilas.

Cincoro aged expressions are characterized by their smoothness, richness, and deliciousness. Words rarely used to describe tequila. Cincoro Extra Añejo is a blend of reserve barrels specially selected for their individual attributes, then blended together into a symphony of layered flavors that have the complexities of a fine cognac, while retaining the true agave essence of the spirit.Epifania Azul Tequila Añejo Blue Dress has been handcrafted in a gorgeous ceramic bottle. Each bottle has a slight difference, making every one unique. This tequila has been aged for years, and is known for its rare taste and exquisite smoothness.

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