Your Irish Whiskey Breakfast Cocktail For St. Patrick’s Day

Green food dye is no longer “in” this St. Patrick’s Day. Skip the food dye (and the Irish Car Bombs, for that matter) and celebrate Irish culture with a bit of class by diving into the world of Irish whiskey cocktails.
Irish Whiskey dates back to the 600s, when Celtic Christian monks began distilling it with a method brought over from the Middle East. It was so popular at its inception, it was referred to as Uisce Beatha, which translates to “the water of life.” Queen Elizabeth I was a huge fan, filling her court with it in the mid-1500s. Apparently, it was popular with royals the world over; in the 1700s, Czar Peter the Great of Russia fell in love with the ‘water of life.’ Irish whiskey topped the charts in popularity up to the 1800s, when it started to see a decline caused by political unrest. It almost faded by the 20th century, when only six Irish distilleries remained. But it’s a new millennium and with that, new opportunity. In the 21st century, Irish whiskey is having a comeback, growing at a rate of 20% per year, and probably bringing its owners a whole lot of green.
Wake yourself up with The Noble Whiskey House’s favorite St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast: The Irishman’s Coffee
  1. Whip cream by whisking it in a bowl or vigorously shaking in an empty cocktail shaker.
  2. Put 1 tsp of sugar in an Irish coffee mug or a wine glass(shwon here in picture).
  3. Add 3 to 4 oz hot black coffee and stir to dissolve sugar.
  4. Add The Tyrconnell 10 Year Old Madeira Cask or your favorite Irish Whiskey, and stir again.
  5. Top with a one-inch layer of cream.
  6. Enjoy and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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